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MSA  Fastpitch Summer Softball teams

Elevate Your Game

MSA from Spring through October:

Beginning in the Spring and through October MSA Coaches continue giving lessons (both individual and team instruction). The facility does not have set hours during these months because of tournaments, leagues and clinics. Please call MSA, (734) 944-6721, to set up lessons or for facility reservations.


MSA 2019-20  

10U, 12U, 14U & 18U Teams 

Tryouts for 2020 Summer Teams

Two dates: August 4th (1:00 pm) and August 9th (5:30 pm). Both tryouts are held at Saline High School. 

For more information, please call: Kathy Dennis (734 637 1663) or Eric Harris (734 216 5187)


All players that make the MSA teams become members of MSA and can use the facility unlimited throughout the year.

MSA schedules six fall practices during September and October. Practices will be run by the MSA staff with all the teams working out together. All these practices are voluntary, although it is highly recommended that players attend (for their own benefit).

From mid-September through mid-December players can participate in MSA workouts. Players can come up to four times a week to do workouts that are done by top professional athletes. These are great supplements to the workouts that are done at their high schools. These are supervised by Coach Harrison.

Players are also given a "body test" that evaluates their strength and flexibility.

Players and parents are also given counseling on the process of picking a college and MSA coaches will help in contacting colleges.

MSA is a big supporter of high school sofball programs, because of this we do not hold any workouts during the high school season. As college coaches ourselves, we would not want our players practicing with another team during our season (or preseason).

Each team plays in six tournaments from mid-June through July.


1. Learn to play the game with enthusiasm

2. Prepare them to play for their high school or college teams

3. Learn how to play for the team

4. Play the game unafraid to make mistakes

5. Learn how to present themselves in their dress, actions, and hustle on the field